Balcrank - AODD | CENTERFLO CF65 Diaphragm Pump

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1120-033 - CF65 Aluminum
1120-039 - CF65 Diaphragm Pump Buna-N
New patented technology CenterFlo pumps feature reversed air/fluid design compared to conventional diaphragm pumps. Fluid path flows through the center of the pump with the air motor to the outside allowing improved suction and performance, less air consumption with less pulsation throughout the performance curve.
Fluid Types: Anti-freeze, Auto Transmission Fluid, Oil
  • Superior performance against back pressure, nominal loss of flow and pressure capacity, under real application conditions is minimized.
  • Significant dry suction lift, eliminate self-priming issues when pumping from drums or tall tanks.
  • Dependable lube-free directional pivot air valve: starts-up every time.
  • Tolerant of oil, moisture and dirt, non-icing, no air leaks when pump is stalled against head pressure of the system.
  • Reduced air consumption per gallon pumped, saves energy, and avoids the need to use a larger compressor.
  • Reduced pulsation gives greater measurement accuracy and less splashing during dispense.
  • In-line servicing of air valve, diaphragms, and ball valves, without disconnecting from the fluid distribution line.
  • Compact design allows this pump to fit in small spaces.
Air inlet
1/2″ NPSM (F)
Fluid inlet
1 1/2″ NPT(F) + flange
Fluid outlet
1 1/2″ NPT(F) + flange
Max. free flow 65 gal/min (250 l/min)
Air pressure range 22-102 psi (1.5-7 bar)
Max. solid suspension 0.2-0.24 in (5-6 mm)
Wetted materials Aluminum, Acetal, Buna-N, Stainless Steel