Mahle 400 80009 00 ATX-3 + Boost Option Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

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  • Adaptable. 'Dipstick' or 'Cooler' mode selector, start engine indicator (ATX-3 only).
  • Electronic Diode Illuminated Keypad. Fluid flow direction indicator verifies correct hook-up.
  • Transmission Diagnostic Pressure Gauge. For a more effective exchange process.
  • New and Used Fluid Sight Glasses. Improve service accuracy.
  • Automatic Fluid Level Adjustment. +/- 1/2 quarts.
  • Digital Weight Scale. Technology for accurate fluid exchange.
  • Patented Bypass Circuit. Increased safety for vehicle protection.
  • Fast. Full exchange service times of 2 to 5 minutes and 8 to 14 minutes in 'Dipstick' mode.